Fendi casa

The rich Fendi Casa catalog offers ideal furniture solutions for both residential and hotel rooms. Perfectly combining modern achievements with timeless details, the collection creates an elegant and attractive atmosphere.

Trussardi casa

The Trussardi Casa collection is designed for dynamic and modern rooms, which is a sign of the family mood typical of the Trussardi house. Furniture and accessories are inspired by Milan's strong lifestyle.

A synthesis of elegance and modernity, deeply rooted in Italian taste. This collection tells the story of a journey through three generations, with their history, culture, past and joy for the future. The solutions offered for the living room and bedroom are defined by substantial volumes and simple lines, always following the idea of informal elegance that has characterized the Greyhound brand for more than a century.

Gf ferre home

A style that goes beyond trends, where elegance always plays a major role, in an ideal combination of classic taste and modern appeal.

Amid endless inspiration and unexpected interpretations, the Gianfranco Ferré Home collections create a unique setting with a rare and sophisticated atmosphere.

linea quattro

Adapting to modern architecture and the requirements of modern life, it offers modular kitchens inspired by the most modern and significant models with refined and elegant luxury.

RUBELLI venezia

Upholstered furniture and accessories, claiming its original and unique place in the field of home interiors and design.

The collection attracts with its individuality, but ultimately is part of one group, one family.

& Radice

Designs, creates, transforms and manufactures exclusively and completely in Italy. The final product demonstrates excellence, quality parts, finishes and shapes.

This was made possible thanks to the many years of experience gained by the company and constantly growing with a clear goal: to create products that can withstand the times.

Philip selva

Philipp Selva is a luxury concept offered by Selva, with an elegant and sophisticated furniture line with a cosmopolitan design.

This is not a collection, but a lifestyle concept that is the protagonist of the most exclusive spaces; a concept that expresses through its products a complex and perfectly balanced taste of deep-rooted craftsmanship, drawing on nearly 50 years of experience, always keeping up with the ever-evolving market.

Continuous research is one of the strengths of Philippe Selva, which stands out thanks to a unique concept that gives an inconspicuous, full sense of luxury to all rooms.